One Need is our church’s benevolence system for those in our community with needs. The way it works is that people in our community submit “needs” through the below link. Those needs are then qualified and we get the need out to a group of Christians eager to deliver love in a practical way. We take the focus off of the benevolence fund and instead, appeal to the benevolence of the people. Need requests are submitted through partner churches and can be anything – from clothing, transportation, food, money or simply prayer. Once the request has been received and verified, One Need sends out the Need Alert. Those who respond are then connected with the organization, individual or family in need. One Need’s desire is to not only fulfill physical needs but also be used to help with everyone’s one true need – to know and have a relationship with God.


Thank you for trusting us with your needs. They are real, and they matter to us. Our promise is to work with you to the best of our ability through this process and provide answers and support as quickly as possible.


By signing up as a Deeder, you are simply saying that you want to be made aware of needs that exist in your community. To sign up, all you have to do is click the link and enter in your contact info. You will start receiving Need Alerts as they are sent out by email. When a Need Alert is received, simply take a moment and pray for those impacted. You will also be instructed on additional ways to help should you choose to do so, but you are never obligated. Thanks for taking the first step and becoming a part of the Deeder Community!

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